Hello gentle Americans. Thank you for all the kind words your sent to me in regards to my appearance on the Tyra Banks Show.

For those of you just tuning in Tyra had a special on the gay community highlighting 7 stereotypes within our community: The butch gay, the fem gay, the butch lesbian, the fem lesbian, a male bi-sexual, a tranny and drag queen. They created this fictitious kingdom and some tasks for us to perform see how the gay community viewed itself and the prejudices that exist within the community. It was eye opening to say the least.

After watching the program, it was very apparent, that most of the panel sadly did not have much more than a 3rd grade education. Most of the discussions on the challenges the gay community faces were very limited and sadly, often ignorant. If this is the very best they could find to represent us it is a heart wrenching commentary on our community but most importantly on how the world views us.



The straight acting gay guy they picked was an ignoramus, he was just a closed minded or more so than most ‘straight’ people I know. The transgender woman was constantly complaining that she did not want to be represented as ho but yet she showed up to the studio wearing a bright pink mini that grazed her man made vagina and a top that was so low cut her air bags for tits were about to float out of her dress and start her own Macy’s Day Parade. If I had to hear her say how pretty she was one more time I was going to hurl. And what were these supposed 7 magazine covers she has claimed to have graced? Tackle And Bait Monthly? Tractors And Trailers Weekly? Or did she have a spread in the Farmers Almanac shot in lovely Colonial Williamsburg?

But the most alarming thing in my eyes was behind the scenes when we shot on location in the Kingdom they had built for us. The Tyra Show was feeding the panel with liquor all day long. I understand they wanted to loosen everyone up but I thought it was ironic that some of the heated discussions that revolved around drug abuse in the community were made when most of the cast were drunk. Watching the transgender women burst into tears after being labeled a ho I had to ask my self, “Would she have reacted so loudly if she had been sober?” Probably not, but in the defense of the producers and their wicked ways it did make for good TV.



In closing Tyra is just another daytime talk show trying to massacred as something more meaningful. It is just pure entertainment and should be viewed as such. Not as something groundbreaking or eye opening or fresh. If you keep that thought in mind you may actually come away with something more than just a cheap laugh at someone else’s expense.

Stay fresh,

  • Patrick Michael Baird

    Hedda, you were wonderful — but I too, was quite disappointed at how Tyra and the show decided to create this fictitious kingdom. I see where they were going, to try to break down stereotypes, but in reality, they only fed them, which left for mildly entertaining television with stereotypes being reinforced instead of broken down. A sad portrayal of our community.

  • Pasha

    Thank you so much for your input! I’m a former Madam now Director for a Non-Profit supporting Sex Workers and did Montel. It was HORRIBLE!!! I swore off day time tv interviews. I was recently approached by Oprah but was bumped by the OctoMom, and Tyra was still an option, but after your insightful comments, I’ve decided not to go there. Thank you for saving me from what would probably have been an awful experience!

  • @Daniel_Baylis

    You are wonderful!

    Montreal loves you :)

    As for Tyra…

  • Julian

    She was one of the lesser-convincing trannies I’ve seen

  • Mary Rives Brown

    I always look to you for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but!

  • Sarang

    Ouch. Maybe that’s why the Porn Town thing was so moody. They were plying liquor to those women.
    Why not have Michaelangelo Signorle, Derek Hartley or Dan Savage as the fem gays for crying out loud? Doria or Diana’s Emma could be the butch Lesbian, Diana Cage could be the femme Lesbian. Also frankly I know some Transwomen online whom I think could handle it better. I suspect they were trying to do the hottie aspect from the Transwoman thing. Frankly I’d like Harisu or the online peeps I know called. Well Vanity might be interesting to have for the Tranny as well since she doesn’t feel the need to fully transition.
    For the straight gay and male Bi I don’t have a clue who might be appropo.
    Oh and if people really want to see someone who I feel handled challenging issues as well watch an old Queen Latifah show or two. I refer to the one where they drop racists of both genders, Black and White, into living with said people of color for a certain amount of time. I think it was like a week or two or maybe even a month.
    I also quite liked Iyanla’s show as well. It’s really a shame both of their show’s failed as they were quite good in my opinion.

  • KrisBelucci

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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