Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Stone Sucked _OCK to get where they are today.

Hello gentle Americans. I am so glad I am not a young starlet trying to climb up the ladder of fame one cock at a time.



Oh don’t delude yourself people of course the casting couch still exists how can you explain pop twat Miley Cyrus’s career? Sleeping with your dad in some circles may be called incest but in her case it gave her a leg up (perhaps two) to jumpstart her career. And we all know that Sharon Stone probably sucked all of Hollywood off to get her big break. The only problem is she never stopped sucking, did you see Basic Instinct 2? What a piece of shit! Then of course there is pop twat Lindsey Lohan, she sucked so much cock in Hollywood she filled her quota and had to move on to pussy, Jewish pussy. And now that her and that Jewish DJ have broken up all her nasty secrets are coming out in the wash-the booze, pills, cutting herself, shaving her pubic bush into a Jewish star. It is just sick folks.



My career was not built on sperm it was built on hard work and talent much like Kate Winslet, my contemporary. Granted I don’t have an Oscar, and I have not starred in any movies worth noting, and my theater career was cut short do to a terrible boating accident, but still I feel this unbelievable connection to that woman. Pardon me, I have to excuse myself, Rachel Ray has Alysa Milano on the show and if she did not suck a donkey dick to get where she is today than no one did.

Stay fresh,

Hedda Lettuce

  • Rex (ripe mangos)

    I had a crush on Miley/Hannah until she went over the hill (16 is beginning of the end — ask Jewel). Lindsey–don’t they all convert eventually when they marry studio execs (C. Zeta-Jones-Douglas)?

  • Frank DiSalle

    I used to think you were great…
    But now I think you’re FABTASTIC!
    You rock!
    Hedda Rulez!



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